New pre-requisite for Lily’s:

Basically, they’re not psycho bitches.

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Two Snape haters can be somewhat civil about him,

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You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you. —

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I fucking feel this.
And sorry for leaving you.

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James and Lily Moodboard (1/ MANY)

It took a week to get a recent picture but, this is Lily when we got her on 10-4-13 and now a year later.

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Things I need to remind myself daily. #hardweek

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Is Rupert a good football player? That’s all I need to know x

This may be really unpopular because of the nonstop misandry that occurs on tumblr but I honestly feel like while Clay was a psycho who did unspeakable, unforgivable things, Gemma made him worse. She was the only who manipulated the situation with John and ultimately the one who put pressure on him to make sure no one knew about the letters.

I will never forgive Clay for what he did to Piney, but she wasn’t innocent either. But again, I know that’s something that all the men hating morons on tumblr I’m sure, don’t see. 

I’m not by any means saying Clay should have treated her the way he did, but there’s a time when you open your eyes and see, it’s not always all one persons fault.

Can anyone really argue that Gemma is a manipulative bitch?

Right in the feels. Ryan killed me and then Theo made it worse.

Thanks Facebook. I didn’t know it’s my mom’s birthday.

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