This may be really unpopular because of the nonstop misandry that occurs on tumblr but I honestly feel like while Clay was a psycho who did unspeakable, unforgivable things, Gemma made him worse. She was the only who manipulated the situation with John and ultimately the one who put pressure on him to make sure no one knew about the letters.

I will never forgive Clay for what he did to Piney, but she wasn’t innocent either. But again, I know that’s something that all the men hating morons on tumblr I’m sure, don’t see. 

I’m not by any means saying Clay should have treated her the way he did, but there’s a time when you open your eyes and see, it’s not always all one persons fault.

Can anyone really argue that Gemma is a manipulative bitch?

Right in the feels. Ryan killed me and then Theo made it worse.

Thanks Facebook. I didn’t know it’s my mom’s birthday.

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Lily likes Sons of Anarchy too. One of the best moments to be honest.

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The year is 1977 and as the Marauders, friends, and foes enter their final year at Hogwarts, there is lots going on inside the walls of one of the most magical places to exist. As the Wizarding World gets darker and Voldemort seizing more and more control and followers, the darkness is being felt within the walls of Hogwarts as well. As people begin to choose a side, it would appear that everyone has some sort of a secret and who better to expose these secrets than the one and only Rita Skeeter? But there is a twist to why she is being more aggressive than ever when doing so. Even with all the chaos occurring inside and outside the walls of Hogwarts, join us for an endless journey of mischief, magic, and maybe a little bit of love, as well.




We’re still adding characters, but have a masterlist up of everyone were going to add soon.  I never reblog RP’s on my personal but this is one my friend and I have been working hard on so I am reblogging it for all my rp/Harry Potter friends, who should come love us. 

I refuse to do all the work. I just left one because of that. 

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*hisses at anyone who insults james potter*


Daniel Radcliffe at the UK Premiere for What If x

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