Puckleberry Week—Day 1—Deleted Scenes

Noah Puckerman could not tear himself away from the glass, no matter how hard he tried. Quinn had put the papers in his face to sign quite a while ago, and he had shakily signed them. He had signed away his rights to his daughter, to Beth. He had spent months hoping that Quinn would change her mind, but she had not changed her mind and within the hour, Beth would officially not be theirs anymore.  From the looks of it, Shelby Corcoran from Vocal Adrenaline was going to adopt her, so she would be taken care of but she was still not going to be his and he could not stop looking at his little girl, his baby, as she looked exactly like Quinn. He had spent an hour, trying to find something in him when he looked at Beth. He just stood there and looked at her, when he felt a hand on his shoulder, not expecting to find one Rachel Berry looking back at him. 

Rachel looked at him. She was defeated, sad, and knew that Glee Club as she knew it was over. But, she was still co-captain for now and she was going to check on her fellow teammate. She was back with Finn now and that is what Noah Puckerman was.  Her eyes met his and she looked and saw the baby girl he was looking at. “She’s beautiful Noah. She has your mouth.”  In all the time she had known Noah Puckerman, she had never known him to look so defeated and just so sad.  “You know, someone’s going to adopt her, and she will have a great life and she will understand that you did the right thing.”

Puck looked back at Rachel and could see the sadness in her eyes.  “Did you understand Rachel? Do you forgive Miss Corcoran for giving you up?” 

Rachel’s heart hit the floor then. She would never understand and she wanted to tell him that it would be okay. She wanted to tell him that Beth would understand but she couldn’t because she didn’t understand how Shelby could have given up her own baby girl. Then, she heard his next words:  Miss Corcoran’s going to adopt her.  The tears in her eyes then rose up.  Shelby had told Rachel she wanted a family but she never expected it to be Noah and Quinn’s daughter.

Her eyes met his then.  “I still don’t understand, Noah. I wish I could tell you that it would be okay, but I can’t.  She may always wonder why you and Quinn didn’t want her.”  Puck couldn’t help then but to wrap his arms around her and hug her. It was a comforting hug. Rachel Berry wasn’t bad.  Finn was lucky to have a girl like her. He pulled back, kissing her forehead with a genuine honesty.

“If it were me, I never would have given you up.”

She looked in his eyes, and there was nothing else that they could say, in that moment.

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