Diaries of a Glee Club Puckleberry verse (they’re my canon so I’m not calling it AU) -Puck tries to calm Rachel’s nerves her first day at NYADA

Noah Puckerman was restless.  He figured it easily had something to do with the 18 year old hot Jew that was pacing the hardwood floor of their New York apartment. He had watched her last night color code everything she was going to need for the next four years, and now she had been up since 4am, pacing.  He had tried everything in an effort to tune her out but he couldn’t tune anyone out, do to who he was. He finally sat up and looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know you were awake, Noah. It’s early. Go back to sleep.

“Kinda hard to sleep babe, with you pacing those sexy feet on the floor there.”    He then got up and walked over to her. He knew what was wrong. He knew her better than he knew himself. They had been through hell and gotten through it all and got to New York, her dreams, and theirs too.  He walked over to her and ran his thumb over her cheek and took her hand and sat her down on the bed. “Look, I know what’s wrong and it’s not just because I can read your mind or whatever. You’re nervous.”

Rachel then shook her head vehemently. “I do not get nervous, Noah. This is my dream. I’m starting NYADA today and it’s the start of my future. It’s what I’ve always wanted. There’s no reason for me to me nervous. I am the most talented one there, you know.”

Puck then grabbed the stack of color coded binders. “Damn straight you are, babe. But you don’t need all these. Do you know why? You’re Rachel freaking Berry and you may not want to admit it, but she’s nervous.”

Rachel then looked back at Puck with a sigh, and looked down.  “What if they’re better than me though?”

He shook his head, without hesitation.  “Back home, you were the only one with any talent at all and you’re walking into this place where everyone has to be as talented to get there. But, you’re you. You’re a star. You’re going to go in there and kick NYADA’s ass and prove that you are better than any of them and you’ll be the first chick on Broadway that’s starting there today. You’ll even be there before any dudes, because you have the star quality or whatever it’s called, babe. You can do this.”

She smiled at him then and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I love you, Noah. Thank you. You always know how to help me feel better.”

He returned her kiss, and then pressed his forehead to hers. “I can think of another way to make you feel better, if you would like.”

She gave him an amused smile. “Sorry, I am auditioning for the winter production and same rule goes that went for performance days at home.”

He groaned and nodded. “Yeah I figured but you can’t blame a dude for trying. How about I just run up to that Vegan place and get you your favorite for Breakfast so you don’t starve.”

She smiled at him. “I would really like that. Thank you.  I’m glad you’re a part of my dreams, too.”

“Me too, babe. Me too.” 

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